Silhouette Artist at the Museum

"Silhouette Cutting by lamp light"

The Victorian Art of Silhouette Cutting is coming to the Florence Nightingale Museum on the Lambeth Palace Road, in London.

Night at the Musueum

The Florence Nightingale Museum is open late for a few nights in April as part of the 'Museums at Night initiative' organised by Culture 24 and funded by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council and on Thursday 29th April 2010, they have asked me to attend to demonstrate my art.

"A great way of generating a buzz"

The Museum decided that a silhouettist would be a great way of generating a buzz and an entertaining way of getting visitors to engage with a contemporary art, of 'The Lady of The Lamp' herself.

To find out more about the Museums at Night project please visit:

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Hope to see you there.

Silhouette cutting in Interior Design

I was browsing the web today in my on-going mission to find information on the history and development of the art of silhouette cutting when I came across this great blog-post about silhouette designs:

I have to agree with Juile's comment:

"..'Balance' is a good word for what these silhouetted designs can bring to the walls of my rooms.."

But then I would wouldn't I :-).