Silhouette Artist at a Wedding - DIY SOS.

"Silhouettes of Enterners at a wedding"

Silhouette Sarah and Nick Knowles

DIY SOS - Does that stand for: Detailed Image of You - Silhouettes Of Stars? I was recently contacted by a BBC TV producer looking for an unusual entertainment for his wedding.

Silhouette Sarah and DIY SOS starHe had once worked on antique show where he had seen silhouettes inspired by this, like these here:

So he went hunting for a Silhouette Artist and found me.

The BBC producer is now working on DIY SOS so I was lucky enough to meet all the stars of the show and cut there silhouettes.

I've included two of the crews Silhouette Cuttings here.  See if you can guess who they are?  Did you get them? I hope you guessed Julian Perryman (right) and Nick Knowles (left).

Silhouette Sarah and DIY SOS star 2Silhouette of DIY SOS star