Silhouette Art as an Unusual Wedding Entertainment

I am often contacted from people looking for
unusual wedding entertainment.

Those that find me are either lucky enough;

- To find silhouettes on the net,
- To see my silhouette Art first hand,


- To find out about Silhouette Artists from a friend of a friend!

This makes this type of entertainment different from the norm and has often never been seen before.

Silhouetting Cutting at Weddings

Each silhouette is cut freehand with scissors in a matter of minutes and is presented to the guests in mount cards which could be personalised to include a special message such as:

'Thank you for being apart of our special day, please take this silhouette as a gift from us'.

or they could simply include your wedding date and silhouette motif.

Guests are always amazed that I cut these portraits freehand using scissors and card only. I always get people asking to have their silhouette cut and asking me interesting questions about this rare art-form. This is such a great compliment, especially when they gasp in delight!


I love performing the art of silhouette cutting at weddings. Firstly I appreciate that weddings are personal and special, and every one is different. I love cutting detailed silhouettes of guests in hats!

A silhouetist tends to work best as an icebreaker, during the drinks reception, whilst the happy couple are having photographs and getting used to being married! Then I'm off to the wedding breakfast to see those I haven't done yet.

People often ask me, 'How do you know who you have cut a silhouette profile of?'. ...But to a silhouette artist this is easy as we never forget a face, - well a profile at least!

Full Length Silhouettes

This is an option that I like to give the happy couple as part of a package or as a unique wedding gift.

The full length silhouette is mounted on plain A4 card with my signature and the date of their wedding . It comes with a certificate of authenticity and may well become an heirloom of the future and it shows off the wedding attire beautifully.

Silhouette art is rFont sizeare and unique and definitely different and memrable for a wedding.


  1. Wow! what an amazing thing to do. I didn't think anyone did anything like this anymore. How cool.


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