Silhouette festival organised by The Guild of American Paper-cutters

The 5th International Paper-Cut Festival is in the organisational stages and The Guild of American Paper-cutters (GAP) call for Entries.

Professor Chen Jing has sent an invitation to us here at Visage Silhouettes and to other members of GAP to come to China for the 5th International Paper-cut Festival. It will be held around September 15th in Jin Tan, China (near Shanghai). All accommodations, local transportation and local touring for the invited artists, during the Festival, will be paid by the government of Jin Tan.

I was honoured by the invite to apply but is unable to attend due to other commitments. However, the lucky candidates will also, prior to the opening of the Festival.

Professor Chen is planning a “cultural tour” to visit several popular folk and paper cutting areas throughout the country. On the list are the cities of Baotou in Inner Mongolia; Liu Lin in Shanxi province; etc. This pre-festival tour is scheduled to take about 10 days. They hope local accommodations and site-seeing expenses will also be paid by the government. However, train transportation expenses between the cities and interpreter expenses would not be covered.

CALL FOR ENTRIES of paper cuttings for the Festival: Professor Chen said the organizing committee has decided to include foreign works into the evaluation for the Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes. Every prize winner will be given certification and a souvenir. After the festival, the committee will publish two collections: one will include the work chosen and exhibited in the festival and the second will be a collection of papers on the creation and understanding of paper-cut art in different regions and countries.
Professor Chen would like a photo of the paper-cut Festival entries by APRIL.

GAP members Alice Helen Masek, Jupi Das, Susan Throckmorton, Joyce Yarbrough and Marie-Helene Grabman have all attended previous Festivals in 2006 and 2007. We are all happy to share our experiences and suggestions.

PLEASE email Marie-Helene Grabman,