Silhouette costumes

Masqerade Ball Costume
Designed and made by
Janice Mason - JAM of London
Contact: 020 7381 3801

This elegant ball gown was inspired by the Victorian bustle, swags, to the masquerade frills.

The back has a lot of flowing fabric and a bow. A pillow or bustle pad can accentuate this Victorian style.
The front of the dress is swaged to create folded fabric which was also popular in that era. This is not only flattering but also creates a concealed pocket for me to place my black paper and silhouette mount cards.

Other Victorian styled skirts can be seen at:

The front panel on the bodice is made from a silhouette bivory faric.

Similar to the Lee Jofa designed fabric but mine has simple white silhouettes on a black background:

This truly is a remarkable dress and I felt a million dollars in it. Janice was amazing to get the design exactly how I wanted it with the limited description that I gave her.

One of many of Janice's projects is working with one of the finalists who featured on Project Catwalk with her new clothing range. It is thanks to Janice's wealth of expertise and creating fabulous outfits that the finalist got through as there is a lot of attention to detail and hard work that goes into a collection for a fashion show, it often difficult to do it alone.

Janice is friendly, approachable and excellent in understanding what you want from a design and the best way to make it. In her own words, 'There aren't many dress designers now-a-days that can also sew'. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a special outfit that fits well and looks great.