Silhouettes, Beards, and Books, but surprisingly no Bikes

I was at a book signing the other day where I had the great pleasure to meet two of my favourite TV cooks, Simon King and David Myers, or as they are better known the Hairy Bikers.

I've been enjoying thier 'Mum's Know Best' programme on the BBC over the last few weeks and have got a few tips off them. So I asked if I could return the favour and cut their silhouette for them.

As with most folk when I told them that I'm a silhouette artist they weren’t too sure what I was about to do. However, once I'd cut their silhouette profile they where absolutely delighted with the results. What do you think, are they hairy enougth?

You can find their reciepes at: I can recomend the lemon drizzel cake!