Silhouette Art on Trade Show Stands at Exhibitions and Conferences

Silhouette artist cutting on your exhibition stand

If you are looking for something to draw the crowds to your stand at your next exhibition consider a silhouette artist, cutting silhouette live at your trade show, conference or exhibition. 

Silhouette artists can not only generate a buzz around your stand at a conference but can also provide a great marketing opportunity, as the exhibition-goers, walk around with a unique piece of art-work in their hand, with your logo all over it.

three images of silhouette logos

As well as drawing people to your show stand and give them a branded freebie they will actually want to keep, it also provides the golden opportunity, for your exhibitor reps to talk to clients and potential clients as they are having their silhouette cut.

If you're looking for something a bit different for your next trade show, exhibition or conference, consider a silhouette artist, you won't be disappointed.

Ladies Silhouette cutting at exhibitionWhat is silhouette cutting? 

Sarah is one of the foremost silhouette artists in the country; she has been performing this rare art-since 1999 at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences and has built up a client list that includes famous actors, artists and Royalty. 
 Silhouette cutting is a rare 18th Century, mix and mingle entertainment.

True silhouette artists use nothing more than black paper and scissors, to create intricate portraits of guests in only minutes. 

These flattering and stylish silhouettes are then mounted on an attractive card and presented to the guests. These mount cards can be branded with company logos or special messages for a minimal additional fee.  
 A great marketing tool at an exhibition or conference.

Benefits of silhouette art on a trade show stand 

  • Entertaining - wow factor! 
  • Interactive as watching is often just as fun as receiving
  • Creates a buzz around the exhibition and bring conference goers to your stand
  • A memorable rare entertainment performed live
  • A unique piece of art cut in front of your stand visitors
  • Opportunity for putting your logo on the mount cards
  • Cuts in profile so the guest can network still 

Timings and costs of silhouette art on a show stand 

Gentleman showing Silhouette art at trade showMost conferences and exhibitions have seminars that run during the day. It is best to book a silhouette artist for peak times when delegates will be wandering around.

Therefore it is advisable that early mornings are avoided as most people that arrive early grab a free coffee from a stand and head on in to see speakers.

Whereas lunchtime and late afternoon might be key points where guests are more relaxed.

Times and prices can be discussed in full, and there might be discounts for several days or additional costs for design, print or overnight accommodation/travel for far off places.