About Silhouette Sarah

"Silhouette Artist, Silhouette Sarah has been cutting silhouettes at prestigious events, weddings and parties since 1999."

Silhouette cutting, by a Silhouette Artist, is a rare art form, associated with the Georgian and Victorian eras

Silhouette Sarah Logo AnimationWelcome, I’m Silhouette Artist, Cutter and Entertainer, Silhouette Sarah (formally known as Sarah Goddard of Visage Silhouette Cutting)

I've been cutting silhouettes at prestigious events, weddings, and parties since 1999.

I’m one of only a handful of silhouette artists in the country, and I've been fortunate enough to perform this rare art form at events and parties across London, the UK and abroad for over 15 years

         "Our shadows hold the essence of who we are" - Debbie Ford

A close up image of Sarah cutting a silhouette

Silhouette Art has allowed me to cut silhouette portraits of many famous and interesting people, including Sports and TV personalities, film stars and Royalty.

Silhouette cutting involves the artist cutting a silhouette portrait in a matter of seconds using nothing more than scissors and paper. No drawing, photography, or second chances, once I start cutting there is no turning back!

On this site, you can find out how a silhouette artist can entertain at your party, event, or wedding providing your guests with a one-of-a-kind memorable keepsake of the event, while also engaging and entertaining them

Silhouette Sarah sat in a collection of profile cut outsI hope you find this site informative and interesting, and I'd love to hear your comments so please follow me.


Silhouette Sarah,
(formally Sarah Goddard of Visage Silhouettes)

Silhouette Artist, Cutter and Entertainer.