"If you don’t have any shadows you are not in the light" - Lady Ga Ga

I have had the great privilege of working at many prestigious events and occasions such as: 

- Prince Charles’s Christmas Party at St James Palace.

- Princess Beatrice’s 18th Birthday Party at Windsor Castle.

- Dawn French and Lenny Henry's Birthday party in Cornwall.

- House of Commons Christmas Party in Westminster Palace

- A Four Month Promotional Tour of India for a leading high street store.

Here are just a few of the wonderful comments I have received:

"...I was amazed by the speed and accuracy of Sarah's work... Her eyes have a direct line of communication with the scissors in her hand..."
- Angie Boyer, Craftsman Magazine (full article).

"...Mesmerized by Sarah’s Skills...she cut silhouettes to an exceptionally high standard..." - Simone Butterfield, of Dimples Events, for Breast Cancer Awareness.

"...She runs off with your Shadow..." - The Hindu Times.

"...Fantastic ... Our guests absolutely loved what you did..." - Helen Miller, National Account Manager, E and J Gallo Winery Europe.

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